Today would have been Luther Vandross’ 61st birthday.  Here are a few fun facts as we remember him.

VOCALIST EXTRAORDINAIRE-Before he literally made it big, Vandross had a group named after him in the 70’s.  Not to mention doing vocal arrangements for David Bowie’s Young Americans.  He was also the lead vocalist for Change (on The Glow of Love) and Gregg Diamond (on Papillion aka Hot Butterfly).

WROTE A SONG BEFORE HE HAD A CHANCE TO COVER IT HIMSELF: The Richard Pryor comedy Bustin’ Loose had songs performed by Roberta Flack.  One of those songs entitled “You Stopped Loving Me” appeared on the soundtrack.  Luther covered it on 1981’s Never Too Much.

PRODUCER AND ARRANGER: Vandross produced and arranged most of his albums but breathed new life in Aretha Franklin’s career in 1982 with Jump To It.  He repeated the feat again with Cheryl Lynn’s Instant Love later that same year.

SMOLDERING ROMANTIC COVERS:  “A House is Not a Home”, “If This World Were Mine (with Cheryl Lynn)”, “If Only For One Night/Creepin'”, “Superstar/Until You Come Back To Me”, “Goin’ Out of My Head” are just a few smoldering covers that he had done throughout his career.

WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING…: Shortly after Dance With My Father was completed, Vandross suffered a stroke and he slipped into a coma.  While in a coma, the song became his only #1 hit and then won the Song of the Year at the Grammys 2004.





Remember when NUMB3RS ended their season only it turned out to be the series finale?

On that episode, a gun belonging to an FBI agent got away from them and it took them nearly three weeks (show’s time) to get it back.  Meanwhile in the backdrop, the main characters were planning new lives and happy endings.  Then when the episode ended, it ended with very little fanfare…not to mentioned very little promotion behind it.

But CSI:M has been the subject of cancellation rumors.  Rumors that began before the show moved to Sundays.

The ratings haven’t been good and they haven’t been bad, either.  But ever since NBC debuted Sunday Night Football, the other nets have been scrambling to keep their shows on the air.  So far, Desperate Housewives is the only program that is ending after eight seasons.

Yet at CSI:M, the show didn’t end on a cliff-hanger like last season when Natalia was sent to what nearly became her watery grave when a child custody case went awry.  This season, however, everything wrapped up neatly.  No open-ended storylines, no villains from the past, na-da.  The season ended on happier and sadder notes.

Calleigh ended up adopting the children of the guy who lost them because he tried to kill off Boa Vista, Wolfe nearly got framed for a murder but got cleared.  Caine got angry when Samantha compromised the integrity of the lab.

And it all wrapped up in a neat bow.

But as the upfronts happen in May, there will be final decisions made by all the networks as far as there fall lineups go.  Who knows?  Maybe CBS will give them another season to completely wrap things up, but it’s going to be interesting if they do.


Maloofs can go, but keep the Kings here.

Early in March as the deadline approached for an arena deal to keep the Kings here in Sacramento, a deal was struck and all parties involved liked the terms.  However, all that changed towards the end of last weekend when one of the parties started to try and back out of the deal.

The Maloofs said that they didn’t sign anything on the dotted line…but yet, they agreed to their share of the pre-construction costs of the arena.

How it broke down was that the City of Sacramento would pony up $6.5 million dollars, AEG and the Kings would pony up $3.25 million each.  And the NBA has already rushed a $200,000 loan to get the ball rolling.

So, last Thursday, the Maloofs wanted to back out of the deal that they had agreed to.  NBA Commissioner David Stern will see if he can get $6 million to cover the cost of both AEG and the Maloofs.  But what stings is that AEG is not the ones who have problems with the deal, the Maloofs do.

The downward spiral began when they became owners and then opened up the Palms in Las Vegas.  They had side sports ventures that could have made them a sports dynasty that would have been recognized.  The Sacramento Knights indoor soccer team and the Sacramento Monarchs WNBA team.  They received little promotion, but went by word of mouth.  So, the Knights ended first and then the Monarchs.  But the Monarchs had done something in four seasons that the Kings have yet to do – win a championship title.

Later, they would get rid of coach Rich Adelman (the one coach who got the Kings to the playoffs for the majority of his time as the head coach) for the revolving door of coaches and back to worse losing seasons to boot.  Nothing has been proven to survive rapidly constant changes and the Kings are no exception.

Then came Measures Q & R – the ill-fated ballot measures that were shrouded in so much secrecy that it proved that in the end, it was a tax to help fund the new arena.  It was shot down.

Finally, it was leaked that the Maloofs were secretly making a deal to move the team to Anaheim and they were going to get $25 million in the deal.  And Power Balance is in bankruptcy and can’t afford the naming rights.

And now it’s come down to this…the Maloofs want more money, and they want to back out of the deal.

I say enough.

This deal is not fair to AEG, the NBA and the City of Sacramento.  It’s not fair because AEG is still willing to pay, the NBA is still working to make sure the deal goes through and the City of Sacramento because of all the threats of moving the teams if they don’t have a new stadium – not to mention that the Maloofs still owe the city that $67 million loan.  Only the Maloofs are sour on it because they have to pony up their own money.

I say if the NBA has to pony up that $6.5 million to keep the team here and make sure the team stay here, then the NBA and the City of Sacramento should be co-owners until a suitable one can be found.  Because I feel that if the Maloofs can’t be trusted and they already proven that they can’t handle their money.