Maloofs, pay back that $70 million loan back to Sacramento and get the hell out.

“If you don’t like what you see here, get the funk out/We won’t try to force feed you, get the funk out.” –Get the Funk Out, Extreme (A&M)

 Let’s get one thing straight

I’ve been reading posts about the job losses that would happen when the Kings leave Sacramento.  Also that Kevin Johnson hasn’t done enough to keep them here, but the ball is in the court of the Maloofs, and they want to sell.

And I say if they gave a damn about the Kings, posts like this one would be a non-issue and not even thought of.

But they don’t and that’s why posts like this one exist.

Last year, I posted about my disdain for the Maloofs when they secretly tried to move the team to Anaheim, and it got exposed.  They were given an arena deal during the NBA All-Star break, and they publicly took the offer.  And as quickly as they accepted it, they balked at it, even after everything had been worked out.

This year, they have buyers in Seattle and they have already filed relocation papers to move the Kings to Seattle and rebrand them the Seattle Supersonics.  Why couldn’t the NBA add another two expansion teams and leave Sacramento the Kings?

Because the Maloofs’ asses are broke and they want to sell to make money.

Making money.,,what a concept.

They had pearls in the team of Webber, Divac, Kidd, Bibby. Stojakovic and Turkulu, but they threw them away.  They had a diamond in Coach Rick Adelman and they threw him away.  They had potential gold in the Monarchs and the Sacramento Knights.  The Knights they disbanded and the Monarchs ended even after they won the WNBA championship.  They had a sports dynasty in the making and, in the end, they fucked it all up.

Instead after going 15 winless seasons and going 10 winning seasons, we ended up with lousy playing, revolving door coaches-of-the-week, more winless seasons, and lots and lots of empty seats at Sleep Train Arena.  How bad is it?  The Kings vs. The Lakers were always a big draw, selling out every seat in the venue.  This time, the venue had a ton of empty seats.  If you were there, it looked like they didn’t sell a lot and if you were at home, it looked even worse.  And no amount of camera trickery could salvage it.

Their promos to get people to the games have lost a lot of sting.  Remember the “Here We Stay” promos that were supposed to get the butts in the seats?  With the machinations going on with the Maloofs behind the scenes, there’s no wonder not many are attending the remaining games.  A week after they aired a “Here We Build” promo to get people to come see the games, the deal with investors in Seattle had been struck.  It reminds me of NBC in 1999-they had announced the cancellation of Another World and then, at the end of the episodes up to the cancellation, they asked the viewers to go to their website to give their opinions. 

And, as many want to blame KJ on the Kings’ departure, consider this: he bent over backwards to try and keep them here.  Things like giving away Downtown parking lots to a private contractor for 50 years, putting up $50 million for a down payment, having local businesses and investors put up monies to keep them here, cutting the law enforcement and fire response (not a good move)…just to keep the Kings here in Sacramento.

And in the end, it is for naught.

I don’t blame Seattle because they had their team taken away from them because the millionaires moved them to Oklahoma City.  Yet, this was an opportunity to make two expansion teams-give one to Seattle and to give one to Kansas City to replace the Kings that Sacramento had taken away from them.  But they aren’t going to do this.

And this is how they repay the fan loyalty, those fans that stuck with them through all of the losing seasons as well as the winning ones.  The loyal who put up with getting robbed by the NBA when they had a crooked ref decide the playoffs in Game 6.  The loyal who put up with the head coach do-si-do till the team itself is a boat without a rudder and throwing back in shades of when they first got here-winless with 0-multiple game losses. The Maloofs feigned keeping the team here, knowing damned well what they were going to do, playing on the emotions of the loyal fan base that helped line their pockets.

So, I say, please spare the feelings of the fans, pay the $70 million you owe the city, and get the hell out, Maloofs.  Seattle, hope they will win for you and hope that the owners don’t pull the crap the Maloofs did.  

Comcast, if you want me to be a customer again?  Start carrying Golden State Warriors games like you do with most Bay Area sports teams and have them throughout Northern California.  Since the Kings are going to be the Seattle Supersonics, the NBA’s ‘one-to-a-market’ rule no longer applies.



Blame Facebook.

Some time ago, I had been able to do notes like this in Facebook under the ‘Notes’ app, but over the past few times, I have been trying to post private notes to other friends and they were blocked because my security settings are outdated.  And the links that tell you how to do this are outdated as well.

So do I do the notes normally or do I self censor?  I mean my content can get racy, crazy and sometimes disgusting -which is rare unless I am in the mood.

Since Facebook changed to where I can’t change security settings this is how you’ll get my notes.  Feel free to read or discard.


Some examples of where they got the music…and tried to ape it.


The theme: the quick four notes that characterizes their theme music.

WHERE DID IT COME FROM: Stevie Wonder’s “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)”



The theme: the four-note bell tones that was their logo from 1986-2006

WHERE DID IT COME FROM: The Isley Brothers’ hit “Make Me Say It Again”



The theme: the four note dramatic intro wrapped around music.

WHERE DID IT COME FROM: ABC’s logo (been in use since 2002)



Mike Tyson acted on SVU.  So why did some people go overboard?

I fell asleep before Law and Order: SVU came on, so I caught it online.  The episode “Monster Legacy” hits a raw nerve particularly since there are two cases of sexual assault on two different characters at two different times.

Tyson played death row inmate Rhodes, accused of a murder nearly 20 years prior.  As Benson and DA Ellis (Mariska Hargitay and Andre Braugher) went digging further, they found out that not only was he victim many times over, but the prosecutor’s office withheld evidence that could have ended with a different sentence.

In the meantime, Ed Asner’s character who ran a camp for boys, had secrets of his own when a janitor stabbed a gymanstics coach; the janitor’s mother told the detectives about the camp.

After watching this episode, I wanted to know what was the controversy about Tyson being cast, particularly among women?

If you watch SVU on a regular basis, nearly all the crimes have a sexual nature tied to them.  Doesn’t matter who plays the guest parts, the crimes are explicit and they only can get away with so much on TV.

Tyson did rape a beauty contestant Desiree Washington in 1992 which he served 3 years or a 6 year sentence – that was 20 years ago, and yet, some people feel that he shouldn’t try to rehabilitate himself.  And that’s a problem, especially when the perps are actually trying to do better.

Funny, I don’t hear the same complaints about Charlie Sheen – all of those episodes during his final run at Two And A Half Men with the constant booze and drug binging that abbreviated that season.  No women complained until show creator Chuck Lorre canned him.

Nor did I hear complaints about One Life to Live when they introduced Todd Manning Lord, a then-serial rapist who gang-raped Marty Sayrebrooke, but complaints flew all over at As The World Turns, which-not only did the show have Margo one of its’ core characters get raped but you never saw the act of the crime…and, as an added bonus, her attacker was HIV+.   Though both accounts are fictitious, the incident on One Life was viewed by many women as ‘romantic’ while World Turns was viewed as ‘gratuitous sex’.  Huh?  I could hold that grudge until I die.  But, like Tyson’s actions, that was in the past and should stay there.

One of the most sane voices about trying to give someone a break after they did time was the late William J. Bell, the co-creator and executive producer of The Young and the Restless.  Bell hired Todd Bridges who did jail time for drug possession.  Instead of turning his back on Bridges when he auditioned for a short-term role, he hired him, saying that it does no good to turn someone who did jail time away when they are trying to keep on a straight path.

In short, let it go.

Nor is it fair to harp on Mariska Hargitay’s silence about the show’s decision to hire Tyson in the role.  She didn’t do what Nora Dunn had done on Saturday Night Live when she found out the show was being hosted by Andrew Dice Clay and refused to perform.  Hargitay kept it professional.  And for people expecting her to do or say anything that can jeopardize her career or SVU are being selfish.

Recividism happens a lot with ex-cons, but there are those who are trying to make sure they don’t end back behind bars.  If you are holding Tyson or Vick or any ex-con on a standard that would be applicable if they were still doing their crimes, you are the one living in the past and you are the one who are stuck there.  Let it go; you don’t have to interact with them, unless they are in your life.


10 songs that have “GET AWAY NOW!” written all over them.

10 songs that have “GET AWAY NOW!” written all over them.

Everyone knows about that one song-you know the kind that deals with an unrequited love, or thinking about someone else’s love.  And when you break it down, sometimes it can be quite scary especially if you are object of said desire.

#10 – 10cc-“I’m Not In Love” – British quirky group 10cc struck gold all over the world with this gem about a man who’s in a relationship that he is trying to keep platonic, but his female friend has other designs on her mind.  Even as he sings, “Ooh, you’ll wait a long time for me/Ooh, you’ll wait a long time”(“Get the hint, not looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship”), it is eclipsed earlier in the song’s bridge where a woman whispers, “Be quiet, big boys don’t cry…” (“I don’t care what you say, you WILL be mine!”)  He should have ended this relationship because if she feels like she’s been led on, it’s curtains for him.  Maybe that’s why this song ends with a haunting angelic choir.

 #9 – The Originals-“The Bells” – This ballad is romantic, but I feel for the object of desire in it.  Said object will drive the guy bonkers if she leaves him and he will never hear “the bells” once she does.  He drives the girl further away by declaring “if you leave me, I believe I will go insane”; in which a restraining order is needed – and sometimes even that may not be enough.  It is heartbreak in the nth degree and the only way she’ll probably get away from him is to move to outer Mongolia – and even there she still might not be safe.

#8 – Sade-“Is It A Crime?” – Nice romantic song, NOT.  This is Ms. Adu’s homage to the desire of longing for a lover that did her wrong.  She kicked him to the curb, end of story, right?  Wrong!  She still wants him, even comparing her love to the depths of Lake Victoria and the heights of the Empire State Building.  But if he’s moved on, she should have left well enough alone and find someone else who’ll appreciate her.  But she still wants the lying, cheating douchebag.  He’d better bolt.

#7 – The Temptations-“Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)” – The singer is not only going to be a victim of a stalker but a stalker bent on revenge.   He sings (and actually warns his paramour) that he was no good, she shouldn’t have left her true love for a fling, and because he is on the road a lot, the hotels are pretty much home.  Not to mention that breaking hearts is his specialty of sorts.  If the girl whose heart he’s broken is bent on getting even with him, he’d better hide big time.

 #6 – Beyonce-“Irreplaceable” – Beyonce sang this breakup piece about how she’s kicking her cheating boyfriend to the curb; however within the chants, “You must not know ‘bout me, you must not know ‘bout me”, she sings, “I can get another like you.”  What?  Are you kidding? You want ANOTHER guy like the one you’re tossing out?  If he’s done her THAT bad, why would she want ANOTHER like him?  Not only is that an open invitation to another freeloader, but a possible Mr. Goodbar. 

 #5 – The Persuaders-“Thin Line Between Love and Hate” – This is the ultimate classic of be careful on how you treat your significant other because they may be holding enough back until they finally snap – which is what the majority of stories are on Snapped.  But he’s too busy trying to be a so-called man by treating his woman wrong, so one night he comes home drunk and she treats him like nothing’s wrong, and then she blindsides him by causing so much injury to him that he has to be hospitalized.  I can imagine she’ll do her version of Stephen King’s Misery once he’s home.

#4 – Eminem-“Stan” – Everybody on the face of the planet has been star-struck in one form or another and then there are those celebrities that can’t seem to (or don’t want to) shake their admirers (if that’s not true, then explain to me why E! has so many damn Kardashian shows).  Eminem’s “Stan” is so obsessed that he doesn’t realize that the man isn’t on tour and can’t get to his e-mail or take time out to write a letter.  So he lashes out by wishing hateful shit on the star – even going as far as to lock his wife in the trunk of the car and send her in a lake just to get his attention.  But he responds too late.

 #3 – Chaz Jankel-“Questionnaire” – “Questionnaire” is creepy because it violates privacy laws like you wouldn’t believe.  Posing as some representative from a “future information think tank”, Jankel asks a lot of personal questions about certain qualities someone likes either on a date or in a mate.  The survey taker is asking for a lot of troubles if they answer those questions on a postcard and returns it.  If the person doing the survey answers by returning the postcard with all of their personal information on it, two things would happen – identity theft or stalker.

 #2 – The B-52s-“Give Me Back My Man” – The girl is going through a breakup, she upset that another girl stole her man and she will go through drastic measures to get her man back.  If she builds a strong resolve, the girl who stole her man better watch out…along with her man.  It’s heartbreak: she is suicidal and should be placed in a padded cell at the Vacaville Mental Hospital.  And, depending on her state of mind, she could make The Evil Queen from Snow White look and sound as perky as Katie Couric.

 #1 – Rick Springfield-“Jessie’s Girl” – Everyone likes this song and it’s a party favourite: however this song has the darkest of dark sides of stalking and obsession that has ever hit the airwaves.  Jessie has a girl that Rick wants, and in the chorus he descends into a Joker/Snidely Whiplash madness when he plans on stealing Jessie’s girlfriend and, in desperation, he asks where he can find “a woman like that”.  Jessie and his girl are truly a couple and he wants to come between all that and by all accounts, Jessie should dump him as a friend because this has all the makings of a Jerry Springer/Maury moment.