FAMILY GUY kills off Brian Griffin.

Last summer, as THE SIMPSONS were hinting that a major character would be killed off, FAMILY GUY went and did it.

The episode entitled “Life of Brian” was pretty much a dead giveaway that Brian would met his end.  But the episode was well-written and well-acted.  

Stewie decided to take apart his time travelling machine and aftwerwards, he and Brian played street hockey when Brian was struck by a speeding car.  His injuries were so horrendous that he died from them.  The Griffins realize that they have lost a close friend.  Even though the show hinted at the way that the Griffins despised Meg, killing her off wouldn’t make any sense.  It would have to be a character that many people loved.  And Brian was the right choice.

Even though television time often differs from the real world, critics were wrong to point out that “a few minutes later” they had a new dog named Vinny.  When the show came back from the commercial break, Lois still found herself making an extra plate for Brian even though he had been dead a month and the only solution to get through it was to get another dog.  Stewie was tring to find capacitors to rebuild the time machine, but his source was gone.  He was bent on destroying Vinny, but then broke down about how he misses Brian.  By the episode’s end, the two had bonded.  I’m in the minority, but FG went for it and they went there.  

I remember when Christopher Meloni left Law and Order: SVU and people were proclaiming that they were no longer were going to watch the show.  But over the last three years without Meloni, the show improved in story and the execution of the stories told have all been phenomenal.  They had restructured the stories still keeping the familiar twists and adding the ones you never see coming.  I’m hopeful that FG is ending in the future, they’ll still keep their weird sense of humor.   I’m still going to watch for some of the new adventures with Stewie and Vinny.Image