I am boycotting SNL for the remainder of the season.

Earlier this year, Donald Trump made racist comments regarding Mexicans about how bad they were; no I won’t repeat them here.  I am tired of them, but I did notice the chain reaction between him and NBCUniversal.

Because of those remarks, NBC and Univision cut ties with the mogul when it came to Miss America Pageant and future endeavors.  During his run, he has made disparaging remarks towards anyone and everyone who wasn’t white and women.  He even threw out Univision reporter Jorge Ramos at a press conference.  His rallies go racist – not long ago as of this writing, a Latino protester was attacked and spat upon; when MSNBC was covering a rally in Mississippi, chant of “White Power” sprang up and they immediately cut away from the it.

At the Republican Presidential Debate held by CNBC, the moderators asked them tough questions that they many started blaming media bias -even though they got the same tough questions from their previous debate on Fox, so the debate scheduled in February on NBC was boycotted by the RNC.

So now we’re up to NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” being hosted by Trump even after he supposedly broke ties with the Peacock.

Trump and NBC say the same story: that he was supposed to do a guest appearance which turned into a hosting opportunity.  That makes as much sense as Joan Crawford taking over Christina’s (her daughter’s) role for one day on “The Secret Storm” when Christina was sick.  Plus the only politician that actually made his SNL hosting duties work was former NYC mayor Ed Koch.  Trump was on in 2004 and it wasn’t funny.

But after all that has happened since his run for the presidency, I cannot watch SNL for the rest of the season, because Lorne Michaels and crew ignored that he slammed Mexicans in no uncertain terms.  Nevermind the fact that his designer suits are put together south of the border or his “Make America Great Again” hats are made in China.  When you don’t quell the racism that happens at your rallies, listening to these guys whose only problem with government is that a non-white is leading the country, you’re no longer worth watching.

So, the rest of the season, even in reruns for this season, I’m personally boycotting SNL.


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