The people who keep proclaiming there’s a war on Christmas really DO need to get lives.

Working as a main title designer, every time I always have to top myself from the previous one I had done.  It is a hard task, but what makes it worth while I notice various parts of my work; some work well, some put me back at the drawing board, and some are nice to which it would stay a while.  But enough about me.

Ever since Fox News began this asinine assertion that there is a War on Christmas, other winter holidays be damned.  Not everybody celebrates Christmas; some celebrate Kwaanza, Solstice, Hanukkah or not at all.  I thought it reached insane levels of stupidity when the Gap introduced a Christmas ad celebrating the four winter holidays and people gave backlash to the store for doing this, even though employees still said “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays”.

Today I got proven wrong.  Extreme right-wing Christians and those who love Christmas called on a boycott on Starbuck’s…now get this…over their plain red Holiday cup because, they believe Starbuck’s wants to do away with Christmas.  Really?  After all these years of the company having a mythological creature as its’ logo?  This is madness.

Oh they keep forgetting about the eggnog lattes, the “Merry Christmas” gift cards, the Advent trees, the Christmas Blends…no, they are pissed about the plain red cups.

Makes about as much sense as trying to scare ants away from a picnic by pouring sugar on the ground.

Truth be told, when the cups were introduced in 1997, they were designed with winter in mind.  Things like Christmas trees, ornaments, wintery scenes, Santa Claus, elves, once in a while a wish for hope and peace throughout the season and beyond.  Nothing religious here.  And the cup is in holiday colors of red, white and green.

But extreme Christians and those in love with Christmas refuse to see it that way.  Spurred on by right-wing media, they declare it is a war on Christmas.  To which I say, “Get lives!”

All of you so-called Christians don’t even do what Jesus taught especially all you charlatans.  Nearly every second Sunday morning, I and a group of people go down to North B and Ahern and feed the less fortunate.  The Buddhists around the corner give them food and clothing. A couple of Christian and Catholic churches were there.  The Sikhs and Hindus feed whomever steps in their temples with no complaint.  But what do I see so-called Christians do?  Make victims out of the poor in their congregations by promising them heaven through prosperity ministry and they ask for insane amounts of money.  It’s a ministry as long as they are the ones getting prosperous; they are parasites when they don’t care to send a member to see how one of their eldest members are but will send a collection letter to them because they haven’t tithed.  The humble ones work with what Jesus blessed them with.

And then they say they are being persecuted because of their faith…don’t make me go there.

If you’re gonna bitch about a red coffee cup, then you’re not a Christian, you’re a hypocrite.  REAL Christians try to help YEAR-ROUND if they can, not the last six weeks of the year. That is bogus.


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