I will be so glad when this election is over.  If I hear that same female voice announcer talking about how rotten the candidates are, I think by December, I will get a different TV set because I would have thrown a brick through my set.  Thank God for the secondary channels that don’t run political ads (although Justice Network -KXTV 10.2 in the Sacramento market- is going to veer into that territory when John Walsh, Justice’s founder/host, “America’s Most Wanted” gives his reasons on certain legislation and candidates).

Well, what I noticed are the obvious hit pieces by the Koch Brothers.  The ones that demonize Democratic incumbents and candidates.  You vote how you want to, but the Kochs have funneled money into attack ads that are a combination of fact omission, blame game and fear.

Like the ads that are running in California attacking Democratic candidates and incumbents.  They have one common thread-Iranian and Islamic terrorism.

They have painted all Democrats that signed the deal with Iran as siding with the terrorists.  Therefore Iran is terrorist. So are followers of Islam.

But the thing that they leave out is that we have had terrorist acts on our own soil.  They conveniently leave off the fact that most of the acts that hit on our soil weren’t from Islamic extremists but by other people who don’t have a tie to Iran or Islam.

Like the guy who shot up Sandy Hook.  Or the guy who shot up a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.  Or the guy who shot up Virginia Tech.  The list goes on.  But the people who they want to keep in control did squat when it came to talking about sensible gun control measures, these guys are so scared of the NRA that for years they believed the lie that Obama was coming for your guns.  The NRA has Congress by the privates keeping the Surgeon General from discussing how gun deaths are a health issue.

For the record, Obama couldn’t get them unless 2/3 of the Congress writes off on it as well as 75% of the States agreed to let him do so.  So those of you who believed the NRA…pooj on you.

And even though one of the worst terrorist acts happened in San Bernardino, they heightened the fact that the people who committed the act were ISIS sympathizers and practice Islam, what they leave out is the fact that the person who got them the guns was American.  He did a ghost buy – he got them for the shooters because the shooters couldn’t get them.

I have got to the point to where I’m not watching regular television until the election is over.  I don’t have cable or I would be doing on demand a lot.  I have regular antenna that picks up most of the secondary channels.  So far, I’ve been digging Heroes & Icons because of the “All Star Trek all the time” thing (every “Star Trek” series including the cartoon), MeTV, This, and Decades, which is news, history and entertainment rolled into one…and better yet, just turning it off until it’s over with.








How Teddy Pendergrass became the anomaly in the world of music.

In 1982, the late great soul singer Teddy Pendergrass had an auto accident that left him a confined to his wheelchair for the remainder of his life.  So, even though he was in this predicament, he managed to work to get his singing voice back.  But even his then-label Philadelphia International found it hard to market Teddy as wheelchair-bound.  Even though This One’s For You and Heaven Knows were recorded before his accident, they tried to market him as having the ability to walk, thus dropping him from the label.  But his paralysis didn’t stop him.

He had recorded “Hold Me”, a duet with a then-future superstar Whitney Houston which was featured on her debut album.  Soon afterwards, he was signed to Elektra/Asylum and this is where the anomaly starts.

Record labels sometimes branch out to go into different genres.  Like the Christian label Light going from jazz in the late 60s, Elektra was looking to make changes to its sister label Ayslum.  Along with funk hard rock outfit Xavion, Pendergrass was the only other black act signed to the label, in my opinion, an anamoly.

Asylum itself went through a few changes on its own.  Joni Mitchell left in 1980 to go to Geffen, the Eagles broke up and eventually left, Linda Ronstadt started recording torch standards, and Jackson Browne was about to make them nervous with his politically charged Lives In The Balance.   It was a state of flux for Asylum.  Nevertheless, Pendergrass signed on.

One of the first moves that Asylum did was to make a music video featuring Pendergrass amidst footage of his accident from a  news report and show him as he was.  The song “In My Time” did that.  The album Love Language soon followed and it also spawned another hit, the Luther Vandross/Marcus Miller-penned hit “You’re My Choice Tonight (Choose Me)” for the movie Choose Me.   His next album Workin’ It Back didn’t do well on the Billboard Hot 100 but it did spawn a Top 10 R&B hit “Love 4/2”.

The anomaly came full circle in 1988 with the album and the single “Joy”.  Pendergrass produced by album along with Reggie and Vincent Calloway (ex-Midnight Star), Nick Martinelli, and Miles Jaye, an artist he produced the year before through his Teddy Bear Productions company.  Joy  was the shot in the arm that Asylum needed, but a few weeks after the album’s release, Elektra/Asylum became Elektra Entertainment and Asylum was shuttered.  Please note: it’s common when parent labels shutter other labels to consolidate their products; it’s uncommon when the parent companies shutter other labels just as they release a new album. Labels tend to wait for the release to gain notice and, with the re-issue or the follow-up single, they change hands.  Elektra didn’t wait: everybody that was on Asylum were immediately switched to Elektra, but unlike Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt who had albums coming out on the label, Pendergrass’s release happened as Elektra shuttered Asylum.  In other words, it was released with both labels.


“Joy” by Teddy Pendergrass was released on both Elektra and Asylum at the same time.