One of my all-time favorite rock songs is “Get The Funk Out” by Extreme because, lyrically, it spells out if you don’t like what you see, leave.  So it’s time to knock some sense into some knuckleheads about my Facebook wall.

For starters, my wall is my wall.  My profile pic is my profile pic.  Whatever picture I choose to use goes into said profile.  Some idiots have asked me to post a “real” pic. Some have issues about what gets posted to my wall.  Hell, like they follow me anyway.  To those I calmly say, “Kiss off.”

You see, if I am commenting on a topic and I am trying to engage in conversation, the LEAST of your worries should be if my profile is real.  If someone is using my pic for their profile, you don’t have me.  You got someone whose trying to say they’re me and ask you to “friend” me.  Some of my friends don’t have a profile pic at all but they still talk or say hi-a few I know personally that don’t show a profile pic, but we keep in contact a lot.  Usually, I let shit like that go and get back to my center, but not today.

Now as for my profile pic, it’s rare that I don’t use my own pic.  Sometimes I would create something or I will share a logo (like the painted “Another World” logo) that I like as a profile pic.  You’re not into soap operas (serialized storytelling) but you wait for the next season of “Game of Thrones”.  That’s fine.  People tried to give me hell when one of my pics was adorned with “I Am Orlando” on it while at the same time, I shared a Fusion post debunking what news media called “the worst mass shooting in American history”.  Oh, that shot in my cover – that it actually me in a sea green lavalava on the beach at Maui Seaside at the break of dawn back in 2010.  The flash went off before I got into position…good thing-it almost got washed out to sea.  If you’re not one of my Facebook friends, the profile pic is all you get.

If I am commenting on something shared on a friend’s post and you respond to my comment by saying, “Get a real profile pic,” the profile pic I am using at the time is not there for your pleasure-if it didn’t matter when I responded to stuff why should it matter now?  It’s you who’s insecure not me.

The pic I got there now is a matter of protest.  I refuse to call Drumpf my president.  And after all the years that we made progress, we’re sent backwards.  But everyone posts a different profile picture.  If you don’t like my profile picture, or stuff on my wall, either unfollow me or unfriend me.


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