B&B title card 30

Viewers and fans of “The Bold and the Beautiful” got an unusual treat last week as the show celebrated its’ 30th Anniversary.

The show paid tribute to the title design from when it began.

B&B’s original main title was designed by Wayne Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald’s run in daytime title designs began with “One Life To Live” three years prior. What happened in the original one was you would see a camera with the unseen photographer taking pictures of models amid quick cuts of palm trees, clothing material and cast members with the title appearing three different times before going to the beauty shot when the title separates itself as a roll of clothing material rolls and stops on the screen. It slowly became the running joke among B&B fans for the fact that the Forrester clan’s pictures (Ronn Moss, ex-Ridge; John McCook, Eric; Susan Flannery ex-Stephanie) were bookended and not updated when these characters changed their looks over the years.

This time around, B&B revisited this opening with the current cast members and they threw in a shot of the original Sally Spectra (the late Darlene Conley) in. When the title spread apart like in the original, the number 30 flashed in utilizing the word “Bold”. It was a great nod to the series.


  • When B&B debuted, it had replaced “Capitol”, a political-themed soap, which replaced “Search for Tomorrow”.
  • It became the only American soap to do SAP for the Spanish-speaking audience, calling it “Belleza Y Poder”. Eventually, the actors and actresses speaking the Spanish would be credited.
  • All over the world, it is shown as is with language translations in various countries it airs. However, in the Canadian province of Quèbec, it is dubbed in French and called “Top Modeles” and in Germany it’s called “Reich & Schön”, even had matching title designs like the American version. The German version ended in December. All across Europe, the show was renamed “Caroline” (after the character that was portrayed by Joanna Johnson); when Caroline was killed off, the show was renamed “Beautiful”.
  • It was the second soap to add closed-captioning for the deaf and hard-of- hearing, but first to do it on a regular basis. “Search for Tomorrow” did it before.
  • Its show creator, the late William J. Bell wrote for it and “The Young and the Restless” (the other soap he created).
  • Dionne Warwick appeared on the show singing “High Upon This Love” which incorporated the B&B theme composed by Jack Allocco and David Kurtz. It was used as an end theme for a brief time in 1998.

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