Too late for buyer’s remorse.  You voted for him?  Own it!

It’s amazing how some people never seem to do research.  

In the last election cycle, we were saturated with how the Democrats were in favor of terrorism against Muslims not looking out for each other that those election ads never mentioned white terrorists.  And then people went and voted for Drumpf saying that he would protect us, that he would “make America great again”.  And in a ridiculous show of how dumbed down this country had really become, THIS COUNTRY NOMINATED HIM ANYWAY.

And he targeted the Affordable Care Act…which those who thought he was killing Obamacare.  Not so, since Republicans never once called it by the Affordable Care Act.

Until he got in.

He decided he wanted to build a wall on the border with Mexico and have Mexico pay for it.  Turns out we, the taxpayers, are going to pay for it.  He handpicked imbiciles and dolts to head government agencies.  He cut out or scaled down budgets to agencies that are there to keep things in check.  

And now, we are flooded with stories from people who supported Drumpf that believed what he was going to do to “the illegal immigrant”.   The brown people, the Muslims, the LGBTQ community.  What he was going to do to them won’t affect me, you thought.  How wrong you were.

He started after those who were undocumented that had built up the communities where they lived and took them away.  And never mind if you were born here.  He crows like a rooster when a Muslim exremist attacks European targets, but is very silent when mosques and gurdwara (Sikh temples) are shot up, because the Sikhs look like Muslims.

And now he went after the programs some of you Drumpf supporters use that the government pays for.  He cut out a lot of programs designed to help everyone to pay for that wall.  And he scaled back internet privacy and put women’s rights to where if they’re submissive, barefoot and pregnant, that is acceptable.

You were warned about what would happen if he got in.  You cheered when people at his rallies attacked protesters and he cheered them on.  You said Hillary was untrustworthy because she was in the pocket of Big Banks.  You cheered when WikiLeaks went after her emails, but turn a blind eye and deaf ear when it came to his failed business ventures which taxpayers still have to pay for.  And some of you dismissed him talking about grabbing women by their genetalia as “locker room talk.”  

But you bought it all.

I’m a very compassionate person.  I am caring enough to try to help my fellow human being when I can. 

But you squandered whatever compassion I had towards you.  You voted on racism, sexism and xenophobia without once using your head about the consequences that will happen if you don’t think.

Therefore, I hate to say this, but I have no f*cks to give you.