Hawaii Five-0 is renewed for an eighth season but it does so without Chin Ho and Kono.

I have been a viewer of the rebooted Hawaii Five-0 ever since it returned to the airwaves/  I love the way it mixes some of the culture with drama and some humor.  The bromance of McGarrett and Dano, the shots of Waikiki Beach with plenty of locals and tourists alike, the cast that we were introduced to and were able to flesh out their characters (still remember Kono clocking a surfer that made her nearly fall off her board).  And every time they show the skyline, I would spot the former Maile Sky Court.

Now, as it enters its’ eighth season, Daniel Dae Kim Chin Ho) and Grace Park (Kono) have parted ways with the series over a contract dispute.  Kim and Park wanted a 15% increase to match Alex O’Laughlin and Scott Caan’s contracts.  CBS Productions said no, so they walked.  I don’t think it is fair that Kim and Grace had to walk.

Over the past seven seasons, their stories were more of a driving force behind the series. From Chin Ho being accused of being on the take to Kono falling in love and marrying an ex-Yakuza. From Chin-Ho getting rid of a bad guy and adopting his daughter to Kono becoming a role model for Grace/  Through it all, their stories have been the strongest.

But now that they are exiting, maybe CBS is trying to make that magic happen like NBC’s Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.  There Christopher Meloni left as Elliot so, in real life, he can pursue other interests.  So, two new characters were introduced to One Police Plaza, but four had left, yet the nucleus of the cast still remains.  But the changes are buoyed with better writing and good performances when everyone thought the show couldn’t survive without Elliot.  And it’s been thriving.

But in this case it’s not the same. Like Elliot, Chin Ho and Kono were introduced and we’ve grown to love them.  Unlkie Elliot’s departure, it could spell the end of the series. Ratings have been slipping and it is going to take more than McGarrett and Dano to keep it alive.