suzanne ciani seven waves cover

ARTIST: Suzanne Ciani


LABEL HISTORY: Finnidar/Atlantic, Private Music, Seventh Wave

WHAT SO INTERESTING ABOUT THIS RELEASE: Suzanne Ciani has been an electronic artist since the ’70s.  She had been one of the sound designers for the original “Star Wars”, and yes, you heard her music all over the place e.g. The Columbia Pictures “Starburst” logo, the Atari commercials, “Intel Inside”, you get the picture.  In 1982, Ciani released “Seven Waves”, one of very few new age/meditative albums that still stands the test of time because the instruments used to make the music are no longer made.

The concept about this album is, basically, melodies surrounded by ocean waves.  This classic would have been lost if she didn’t license it unlike her Private Music releases.  Hopefully, she can do what her then-Private labelmate Patrick O’Hearn did and stream all of his releases from his website.

NOTICEABLE CHARACTERISTICS: The Sea/Water Theme would go on to influence songs on future releases.

A SURPRISE FOR APPLE USERS: Her MOTU (Mark Of The Unicorn) Software is available for the Apple Platform.